Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Garden Update

I thought I would take some time this morning and give you a bit of an update.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon visiting with some friends.  It was a great way to spend a super hot afternoon.  I am so tired of the heat already but I am not looking forward to giving up my shorts, t-shirts and sandals/flip flops!

Afterwards we ran some errands and headed home.  As evening arrived the temperatures started to cool off so I told the kids we better go pick some blueberries as we were a bit behind on picking. We also checked what was ready in the garden. 

This hot and humid weather has been great for the garden.
It has really grown!  We were late in planting this year but wow it has taken off!

At the top of this picture, you can slightly see some of the blueberry bushes.
I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the zucchini and spaghetti squash grew.  I was up and checked the garden at the end of last week.  It was doing good and I harvested three zucchini.  I sent one to my brother C's family and gave one to my in-laws.  My mom had three zucchini she just bought the day before at a small produce stand near her house.
I was kinda shocked that we have small watermelons starting.  They are a little bit bigger than a tennis ball right now!  We have only successfully grew one small watermelon in our many years of gardening.
Ryder's corn has shot up!  He is happy with it! He worked really hard to plant those seeds so I hope he gets a good crop!

We ended up harvesting 2 spaghetti squash, 3 cucumbers and 3 more zucchini!

This is a very large bowl so it is a bit hard to tell by this picture but we picked about 4 quarts of blueberries.  We have lots of other goodies coming along too.  I think that I will be able to harvest some radishes soon and some red beets! Busy days are ahead on our little homestead!  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Chick Update

Chick update!  Those little buggers are growing quickly!
These pictures were taken several days ago.  They are in the portable coop.

This coop allows them to be outside in the yard and keeps them safe from predators.

Madilynne and Ryder give them happy chicken treats.  Yes, that is a Christmas tree but it was $.99 at the feed store!  The chickens do not seem to care.  :-)

Two escapees!

Madi was able to quickly get these two back into safety with the rest of the flock.
I will try to remember to update again in another month or so.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


   As I sit here typing this the skies are trying to shine bright.  The clouds keep coming in to cast shadows on the ground.  I don't realize how sneaky those clouds are until the house fills with bright sunlight and I see the sun's full potential lighting up the room. 

   I was trying to decide what to write about today.  It has been a few days since I posted and while I have lots that I want to write about, I just haven't had much time to sit and type it out.  One thing that stands out the most is about a innocent exchange between a dad and his little 4 year old son....

   One evening several weeks ago we met with some friends and family to swim in my in-law's pool.  The kids were having fun as usual and Ryder was jumping-not diving- into the pool from the deck.  The little four year old wanted to jump in also and while he is wearing his floaties he's a bit intimidated by the thought of jumping in. 

   He takes timid steps to the edge and looks to his dad to catch him but he still has that "scared to death" look on his face but the will inside that he really wants to jump like the "big boys".  He jumps in and his dad catches him immediately.  His face doesn't even go under the water.  They repeat this action several more times and then he wants to go under the water. 

   He hasn't put his head under the water once since they got in the pool. 

   He goes for it...he takes off the floaties and stands at the edge.  He looks full into his daddy's face and says that he can't do it, he's scared.  Understanding his fears, his dad says back, "Trust me.  I got you."  He immediately jumps in and sinks his whole body under the water!   His daddy's protective arms are around him the whole time he is in the water.  He pops up out of the water, fear is gone, and excitement takes over.  "Again! Again!" he yells.  He keeps jumping into the water over and over knowing his dad has him each time. 

   I was watching this play out and cheered for him every time he made a leap of faith and came to realize that this situation can be applied to my own life. 

   How many times has God said to me, "Trust me. I got you." and I stand at the edge and say that I'm scared.  I think back through the years at times when He had me. 

When I graduated from high school
My first day of college
 My first day at a new job
 Walking down the isle on my wedding day(thrilled and excited but scared)
 Signing the loan papers for our first home
 Announcing that we were expecting our first baby
 Bringing that baby home from the hospital
Deciding to homeschool
"Trust me. I got you."
   The list could go on and on. I need to remember that God has my back. He will never leave me; especially in my time of need.  I hope this post will encourage you on your walk today and that it will cheer you on to continue your journey.  Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Bits and Pieces

   Happy Independence Day to those of us in the USA!  Celebrating the 4th of July for us is picnics, BBQ, swimming and family everywhere.  Some new friends and the start of some new relationships are introduced. It is so fun to see how much the babies have grown since the last picnic (Memorial Day) and how big the mama's-to-be bellies are getting! The skills that the toddlers and younger kids are developing and how fast those tween and teenagers have shot up, they are going to be so tall!!!  Where do those boys put all the food?

   As much as I enjoy visiting will all the family...

   I am not fond of the questions of why we homeschool.... We have been homeschooling for over 10 years and we do NOT plan on stopping.  We love our life and our kids are not anti-social or under-educated.  I am not questioning why you are sending your kids to public schools nor am I asking questions about what those teachers are teaching them. This list could go on and on and on...

   I always hate to have someone ask me to try the new food they brought and ask me what I think of it.  I am happy to tell them if I like it but it is hard to tell someone that it isn't something I like.  I have to be tactical in my approach in telling them that it isn't my favorite thing to eat!  I don't lie about it but I also do not want to hurt their feelings.  I like to have the truth told to me so I try to tell others-politely...

   Oh, what list would be complete without listing the family gossip!?  I will admit, complete honestly here, that at one time I was into the family gossip and drama.  That was long ago and I have since discovered that those same people also like to talk about me when I am not there.  Oh, I KNOW that I have been under fire for being different in the family for years. 

Try being the

A) only home schooling family

B) the family concerned with the safety of vaccines (we have dealt with reactions)

C) the family into natural health approaches and using essential oils

D) trying to eat mostly organic in the group. 

   I have learned not to partake in the chitchat anymore.  I am not perfect in that but at least now I am more aware of what I say.  We should try to build each other up, find the positive, that's what family does, right?  I think age/time/experience brings wisdom but then again....some of the partakers in the chitchat are older than me!  Maybe I learned my lessons faster...must be because we homeschool!  Haha! 

   You know, we don't have to like everybody in the family but we do have to show respect to each other.  Every person has a different personality.  We aren't all destined to be best friends but there is no need to not like someone because they are different. 

   I love my family and enjoy visiting with them each time I get a chance.  I know that I am blessed to have family and this isn't written from a mean spirit. I just hope that you see this as an opportunity to love your wonderful family, flaws and all.  Build each other up and take the criticisms in stride even if "Auntie Mae" tells you that you have a big backside or that the shirt you are wearing isn't flattering to your skin tone!  :0)

   We have another afternoon of food and visiting.  I hope you all have a blessed day and enjoy the crazy family you are part of because I will certainly be enjoy mine.