Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Introduction to Pines Upon A Hilltop

Welcome to our blog! Thanks for stopping by! This blog will be a collection of thoughts from different members of our family. The patriarch of our clan is Jeremiah, a fun loving, hilarious, kind man who is talented at working on anything except computers. Our matriarch is a pleasant woman named SunnyKaye. She is a amazing cook and homeschooling mother who enjoys "trying" to homestead. Our daughter, Madilynne, is intelligent, creative, musical and sarcastic. She tries her best to help out around the house and enjoys reading, writing and art. Ryder, rounds out our family with his imagination, energy and entertaining stories. His likeness to his father is uncanny, not only in looks, but in personality and their shared enjoyment of the outdoors. His love for his BMX and mountain bikes is only rivaled to his love of hunting and fishing.
   So, that, in few words, is our family. We are a pretty close knit family, living within few miles of a large majority of our extended family. Our home is situated towards the east coast of the USA where we fully experience all four seasons. Cold winters, warm summers, colorful autumns and rainy springs.
   We currently have 6 beautiful chickens, 3 adorable cats and a small aquarium of tropical fish. We have numerous outdoor bird feeders and everyone but Madilynne enjoys bird watching. Ryder can easily identify most bird species that are native to our area.

   Thank you for reading the introduction. This is just the beginning.

The Entire Johnson Clan

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