Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of School 2015

   Today started our new homeschool year.  We started homeschooling Madilynne when she was 3 years old.  She loved doing arts and crafts and learning her numbers and letters. She was so excited every day to start school. Fast forward quite a few years and she is still just as enthused to start school.  Ryder isn't quite as happy about starting school but he said the sooner he starts the sooner he is finished. Good outlook!  We had originally planned to start school two weeks ago but a family friend needed some help watching their granddaughter so we fill in for them when we can. She will be starting school again when our local public school starts back up, Sept 1, but we will keep her when we can until then.

   We had planned that our day would go smoothly with maybe the occasional bump.  Well, it didn't go quite as planned and you know what? It was all good.  We had some unexpected visitors stop by to drop off some stuff and they stayed to visit for a bit since we haven't seen them for awhile.  I also had to conquer Mt. Laundry.  I was able to tackle some of it but not all of it- tomorrow is another day.  I had started soaking some beans last night so I could make refried beans today.  That took extra time too.  All in all our first day of school was a success.  We finished our work and had an enjoyable day.  The weather was sunshiny and bright and just made the house a happy place to be today.   It also helps when you have two great kids and I am so happy that we home educate.

   I hope you had a great day today too.  Tomorrow will be another busy day of schooling, cleaning and canning.  I will post about our canning adventures sometime soon.


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