Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random funny!

   My mother-in-law loves to give gifts.  It is her nature and she shows love through thoughtful gifts. She knows that I like cardinals and I have a small collection of them.  She found a small plastic one that has a petite metal clip and makes the cheer, cheer sound that a cardinal chirps.

   I was excited by this gift and we quickly opened the package to activate it.  Unfortunately my little cardinal didn't chirp and we were disappointed but I clipped it onto the plastic pull on the kitchen window screen thinking that I would remember to take it home with me.  I forgot to take it with me and my MIL must have placed it on top of the fridge so it wouldn't get ruined. 

   Jeremiah's dad was sitting at the kitchen table today working on the laptop when he heard a bird chirping. He looked out the window and couldn't see a bird anywhere.  He proceeded to open the patio door and look around outside.  He heard it so close yet couldn't spot it.  He looked out the kitchen window again, still nothing. He found the cardinal on top of the fridge and thought that I left it there to prank him!    :-)

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  1. That's funny! Wonder what made it decide to start chirping after all.


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