Monday, July 4, 2016

Bits and Pieces

   Happy Independence Day to those of us in the USA!  Celebrating the 4th of July for us is picnics, BBQ, swimming and family everywhere.  Some new friends and the start of some new relationships are introduced. It is so fun to see how much the babies have grown since the last picnic (Memorial Day) and how big the mama's-to-be bellies are getting! The skills that the toddlers and younger kids are developing and how fast those tween and teenagers have shot up, they are going to be so tall!!!  Where do those boys put all the food?

   As much as I enjoy visiting will all the family...

   I am not fond of the questions of why we homeschool.... We have been homeschooling for over 10 years and we do NOT plan on stopping.  We love our life and our kids are not anti-social or under-educated.  I am not questioning why you are sending your kids to public schools nor am I asking questions about what those teachers are teaching them. This list could go on and on and on...

   I always hate to have someone ask me to try the new food they brought and ask me what I think of it.  I am happy to tell them if I like it but it is hard to tell someone that it isn't something I like.  I have to be tactical in my approach in telling them that it isn't my favorite thing to eat!  I don't lie about it but I also do not want to hurt their feelings.  I like to have the truth told to me so I try to tell others-politely...

   Oh, what list would be complete without listing the family gossip!?  I will admit, complete honestly here, that at one time I was into the family gossip and drama.  That was long ago and I have since discovered that those same people also like to talk about me when I am not there.  Oh, I KNOW that I have been under fire for being different in the family for years. 

Try being the

A) only home schooling family

B) the family concerned with the safety of vaccines (we have dealt with reactions)

C) the family into natural health approaches and using essential oils

D) trying to eat mostly organic in the group. 

   I have learned not to partake in the chitchat anymore.  I am not perfect in that but at least now I am more aware of what I say.  We should try to build each other up, find the positive, that's what family does, right?  I think age/time/experience brings wisdom but then again....some of the partakers in the chitchat are older than me!  Maybe I learned my lessons faster...must be because we homeschool!  Haha! 

   You know, we don't have to like everybody in the family but we do have to show respect to each other.  Every person has a different personality.  We aren't all destined to be best friends but there is no need to not like someone because they are different. 

   I love my family and enjoy visiting with them each time I get a chance.  I know that I am blessed to have family and this isn't written from a mean spirit. I just hope that you see this as an opportunity to love your wonderful family, flaws and all.  Build each other up and take the criticisms in stride even if "Auntie Mae" tells you that you have a big backside or that the shirt you are wearing isn't flattering to your skin tone!  :0)

   We have another afternoon of food and visiting.  I hope you all have a blessed day and enjoy the crazy family you are part of because I will certainly be enjoy mine. 



  1. This made me chuckle. Once at a funeral I had an aunt tell me that I was looking more and more like my dad. At first I thought thanks. Then she added that it wasn't a good thing! :) Sometimes you have to love your family for who they are and try not take things personally. Today I can laugh about it.

    1. I do a lot of eye rolling after I smile and acknowledge their comment. Some of the things they can say are pretty creative really. I haven't heard the "look like dad" comment before! I favor my dad's side of the family too! Families are fun! Haha!

  2. We can't pick 'em....we just do our best with what we are given! LOL

    Enjoyed your post!

    1. We can pick our friends but not our family; choose wisely. ;-)


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