Monday, October 3, 2016


   I finally finished the honey!  I ended up with 13 quarts.  :-)   I am pretty happy with the end results!  My dad is the beekeeper.  I only help with the harvest.  ****Now before I continue I will tell you that we are novice beekeepers.  We do not do everything correctly. I can not endorse the way we harvest the honey.  It works for us but I can't state that this is the safest or correct way.****   

This year my dad and I decided to try a different approach to harvesting. We have tried several different methods in the past couple years but we struggled with those ways- me more than my dad. Since we thought we should think outside the box my dad decided that we should try to scrape the honey combs off of each section. 
This was a great idea!  It made much easier work for us- me especially with the filtering process.

The only drawback to this method is I was keeping the combs away from me so the honey would only drip onto the table and not make a mess on the floor.  Some of those combs were really heavy and stretched my abdomen muscles...hence I was pretty sore for a couple days! Ack!

I filled two nice sized bowls with honey and the wax. 
If you notice the plate and fork in the upper right hand corner- Ryder was making a quick snack of the honey and wax.  He said that this batch was one of the best harvests ever! :-)

I filter the honey through cheesecloth and a stainless steel strainer into a glass bowl.

This is some of the filtered honey.  All that is left is wax.  My dad took the wax back up to the bees.  We are experimenting to see if they will reuse the wax and take the leftover honey.

I put the filtered honey into clean Mason jars. I used a couple little jars that I recycled in case we need to give some away.  I don't worry about those jars being returned.

You can see the difference in colors if you look closely. The darker honey is clover and the more bright yellow honey is goldenrod.

Sorry about all the clutter in the pictures.  Ryder was helping me take photos and I just didn't want to take the time to make everything look all tidy!  LOL




  1. WOW!!! That is a great harvest!! I remember my dad bringing honey hone that had the comb left in the jar (and sometimes a bee too). I loved to chew on the wax. I'm glad there is a renewed interest in bee keeping because we really need those little guys to keep our food chain working for us!! Thanks!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Boy did you ever strike the gold! How blessed. This was a wonderful post!


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