Tuesday, May 2, 2017

From My Front Porch

   I can hardly believe that May 1 has come and gone already!  I realized that I needed to do a Front Porch post so I quickly took some pictures this morning and I am finally getting around to writing.  I am babysitting a little one today (he's two) and he is taking a nap.  I decided that it would be best to have some quiet time myself until he falls into a deeper sleep.  I figured that this post would be the best thing to do, right?  :-)

   The lilac bush is in full bloom right now.  Madi and I are so excited.  I have bouquets all through the downstairs!  Jeremiah was mowing yesterday and he took the time to pick the first bouquet for me! That man is so sweet to me!  It warmed my heart thoroughly. I went out later in the afternoon and picked some more.  The house smells lovely.  These photos show the bouquet Jerm picked.

   The wind has been blowing rather hard today.  The temps dropped into the 50's again after some pretty good storms yesterday. I took these pictures just as the rain finished.  You can see that the leaves are finally starting to pop out on the trees. 

   Madi mentioned that the store had some hanging baskets for sale and there was one particular style that she really liked.  I stopped last week and picked up two of them. I like the red and white mix- she has good taste!  It matches the house so nicely.  I was also happy that they were priced at $10.  That is pretty reasonably priced for our area.  Most go for $15 or more a basket.  I will be checking them out and hitting some of the local greenhouses later.  I usually wait a bit to get flowers. 

   Things have been hopping here and I hope to post more updates later.  Have a great day!


  1. Wow, the hanging baskets are beautiful. I LOVE lilacs and miss the tree in my growing-up backyard. They don't grow here in Florida. :(

    1. How sad that you do not have lilacs in Florida! I'm sorry that you can't enjoy them any longer! I guess it's a small price to pay though for the nicer weather and easier access to the beaches! 😊 I will take a good whiff of the sweetness in your honor! 😊


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