Monday, May 22, 2017

The Cows Are Back!

   I finally remembered to take a camera with me when I checked on the cows!  I walk by them regularly but I never seem to have a camera on me.  I have some pictures of this year's cows.

 This is Mr. Bull. He wears a nice loud bell.  Many of the cows wear bells. It sounds so nice to hear them tinkle and ding! You can see the girls up in the field in the upper left hand corner of the picture.

The girls are on their way down the hill.  They seem to enjoy the interactions with us.  When they see one of us they head towards us. 
Close up of the girls.  I like to talk to them and tell them how pretty they look that day.  Mr. Bull is always told that he is quite handsome!  HeHe! 

More of the girls.  They have some unique markings on their heads.

They are already growing quite quickly. 

I really like this picture and the next one.  I was standing by a locust tree and the branches just made the picture pop a bit more.

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  1. I LOVE your photos and you are right that the last two are the best! Good captures!! Thanks for sharing the bovine fun with us!!


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