Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Car Trouble

   My car is 2003 old.  I really like my car, I guess you can tell that since I have had it so many years! It is a Ford Taurus and I have put many miles on it- over 134,000 and it is starting to get rusty in spots.  Sometimes, I feel that the car would run forever and then there are days like yesterday that make me think, hum, this car is starting to act it's age.  It was sputtering and jerking and I had some steep inclines to go up to get home and my poor car would only go about 20 MPH. That isn't really unsafe since we live in a rural area and there weren't many other vehicles on the road. I had my father-in-law look at it and he drove it around today and the car didn't do a THING!!! Seriously!? Not a thing?  He told me to drive it tomorrow and go get groceries or something to see if it will act up again.  I am not really thrilled with that idea but at some point I really am going to have to get groceries...just how long can I hold out though? Not long with Ryder's hollow legs!  That boy can eat and I will have to replenish the shelves- sometime...
  Have you ever experienced car troubles?  Do you have a funny story about a car breakdown that might not have been so funny at the time but it is now? Do you drive an old car?

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  1. You sure took good care of that car because it lasted that long! No surprise though that its aesthetics and performance are getting a little bit rusty. In this case, I think you should consider a repair or replacements to avoid experiencing car troubles that are not funny. Haha! Have a nice day, SunnyKaye!

    Cayla Maggio @ Now Then Transmission


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