Saturday, January 2, 2016

Giveaway at A Joyful Chaos!!

  Everyone has a couple blogs that they just can't wait to read the next post right?  I have several of those blogs that I check everyday- EVERYDAY! Honestly. One of those is A Joyful Chaos.  Mary Ann is a sweet lady with a good dose of humor mixed into her blog while keeping things balanced with her family, her books, educating us about the Amish and some posts that will tug at your heartstrings to boot.  

   Mary Ann is an author of several books. I have read her books and they are delightful.  I would encourage anyone to purchase her books.  They are well worth it and you will be entertained no matter your age. If you are a fan of your local library, may I suggest that you ask them to get these delightful books on their shelves.  I read them to both of the kids several years back. The books are for both boys and girls. 

  Mary Ann is hosting a giveaway until January 8. She is giving away a children's book called Lydia's Bonnet by Lillian Stoltzfus.  If you like to try to win head over to Mary Ann's post and leave a comment before Jan. 8th. She is asking us what our least favorite household chore is. Mine is going to be a toss up between folding and putting away laundry or cleaning the bathtub!  Head over and enter the giveaway! 

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