Saturday, November 5, 2016

Canning shelves for 2016

   I am finally finished canning for 2016.  The only thing that I may have to can is venison if Ryder or Jeremiah get another deer.  We froze the meat from the doe Ryder already got.  My mom needs some venison so the next deer will go to her but both boys can get a doe and a buck each.  We only harvest what we will eat so really we only need to get two more deer.  One for mom and one more for us. 

Here is the break down on the jars.

 ::The first shelf from the ceiling is our tomato soup.  We have already eaten a lot of jars.  Madi has eaten the bulk of those jars.  She took them to work.  :-)

::The second shelf is salsa on the left and carrots on the right.  I may end up canning more carrots because they are so convenient to have on hand.  One of Ryder's favorite sides is sweet carrots. I melt some butter and brown sugar together.  When it is blended I just add a jar of drained carrots and heat it thoroughly. Easy peasy.   

::On the third shelf starting from the left is grape juice then some applesauce from last year, then some spaghetti sauce that I also canned last year. Next in line is some spicy banana peppers and some peaches- again from last year.  Finishing up that shelf is jams.  I have elderberry, peach and blueberry.

::The fourth shelf is the green beans.

::The bottom shelf from the left is red beets, venison, honey and maple syrup.

   That's a wrap on this year.  Hopefully I haven't bored you with all the canning updates. Until next time, be blessed and enjoy this November! 


  1. Wow!! How absolutely wonderful. We had a pantry in the basement when I was growing up that looked just like that (well-stocked). We had a huge garden and mom canned and canned and canned. Then we got a big chest freezer.....

    1. Terri, what did your family prefer frozen over canned? I have been thinking about freezing more also but not sure I would like it better. We prefer corn and peas frozen over canned but I didn't do any of those veggies this year.
      When I was growing up my mom had a large garden also. We called it a truck patch. Not sure why though, might just be a regional thing. 😏

  2. This is so amazing and out of my scope in some ways. I am just learning to can and I find much joy in it. The photo above is like a work of art! Will this last you all winter? Do you find it healthier and cheaper? Really fascinating.

    1. Sorry Ginger, I thought that I hit reply for your comment but apparently I didn't. My answers to your questions are in the next comment!

  3. It is awesome that you are learning to can! I also find a lot of joy and satisfaction in canning some of our food. Yes, this will last us through the winter and probably through next summer also. Oh, the carrots won't last but a couple months though. I do find canning my own food much healthier and I think it is cheaper also after the initial investment of jars and the pressure canner. At this point,I only need to buy new lids or flats as some may call them. I also grew the veggies which was cost effective. Several years back, I purchased some of my veggies as it was a poor growing season for me but I still thought it was better for my family. I know where my food is grown and what is in the glass jar-not a metal can.
    I hope you continue to find joy on your journey to can for years to come! 😊

  4. Wow! You had quite the productive summer!

    I miss the satisfaction that comes from watching shelves being filled with canned goods.


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