Monday, October 19, 2015

Bits and Pieces

I have several random thoughts that don't quite merit an actual post but I decided to blog about them anyway!

:: I have not been craving anything pumpkin.  My fall food choice, fresh apples.  I have really been hungry for apples.  I have also decided that I don't care much for a Gala apple. I bought a bag of them because a friend recommended them but it just doesn't have that "right" apple taste.  I am not saying it is a bad apple, just not my favorite.  I don't really want to eat the apples baked into anything, just fresh with a good crunch! So yummy!

:: I do not like it when people decorate for fall and throw random Halloween d├ęcor into it.  It looks like they couldn't decide what to decorate for and jumbled it together.  Several of my neighbors have a decorative touch and assembled beautiful displays of fall flowers and pumpkins.  Lovely!

:: Speaking of Halloween, it is my least favorite holiday.  I don't think that I have ever, ever liked it. I don't understand people's attraction to being scared and dressing up like something icky.  However, I like candy and enjoy candy corn this time of the year, only the orange, yellow, white candy corn combo though.  When you throw the brown on the candy looks rotten and I can't eat it...  Well, ok, I have eaten it but it just doesn't give me the same satisfaction!

:: It snowed here in my neck of the pines yesterday and has turned really chilly.  The last time I looked at the thermometer it was 28* out.  It is going to return to more seasonable temps this week (50's-60's) but I wasn't thrilled with the snow. Usually the first snow makes me happy and I get a cozy feeling but that didn't happen yesterday.  It did make Ryder very happy though.  

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