Monday, October 5, 2015

It's been a while....

It has been several weeks since my last post.  The last one was in August!  I missed an entire month.  It hasn't been that I haven't thought about posting, its just that I have just been, well, busy.  Madilynne and I canned a lot and the only thing left to process is grapes. I would like to make some jelly and juice.

September was a month of fall festivals and fairs.  We juggled our schedules and attended many of the ones of interest to us.  We learn so much from many of them.  One in particular is  basically set in the 1700's-early 1900's.  They have a log cabin and a log house, summer kitchen, an early maple sugar shack, a replica barn and an original cider mill.  They also have an original covered bridge that you can take beautiful pictures on. 

The kids can learn so much about the way life was back then. It's amazing how people truly lived and survived. We take so much for granted now.  We easily flick a switch and have light. We are hungry so we go to the fridge and quickly heat something up to eat. Our clothes are dirty so we throw them in a machine and they (usually) come out clean. If we run out of something we can run to the store and buy it.  I am not saying life was easier by any means back then but they had to honestly think about where their food and clothing was coming from.  It helps to put our blessings into perspective.

We tried some new recipes.  Some were flops, some were not. I have a cookbook from several years ago that I am trying out. If I have some time I will try to post a new herbed biscuit recipe we made.  I like recipes that have simple steps and only require ingredients that I have on hand.  Preferably none that require canned soups or processed cheese.  I like more of a real food recipe.  They seem to fill up Ryder's hollow legs easier.  

That is a short update.  Talk to you soon, hopefully!  

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