Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge


 1. Are you comfortable with silence? If you're home alone, do you like silence or do you need regular background noise? Do you seek out times and places to be silent? What's your favorite place to find silence/be silent?
I am not really a person who desires silence.  I have a radio on in the kitchen all day long.  I turn it on in the morning and off right before going to bed.  It is tuned to a local Christian radio station and I love the feeling that positive words are filling the silence in our home.  Even when I am outside, I desire to hear the birds, the cow bells ringing, wind rustling through the trees and bees buzzing.

2. October 28th is National Chocolate Day. Can't let that go by without a mention now, can we? Will you celebrate? How? Let's say you can have one of the following right this very minute... a cup of hot chocolate, a strawberry dipped in chocolate, a bowl of plain chocolate ice cream, or a slice of chocolate pie...what's your pleasure?
I will go with a cup of hot chocolate.  Here is why... I do not like my strawberries dipped in chocolate at all...that is gross to me.  I am not a fan of ice cream- I could go the rest of my life and not eat ice cream and the same goes with pie-not a fan of pie.  I would eat the pudding from the pie but not the crust! That leaves hot chocolate.  I will take that but I prefer to make my own from scratch and add a bit of good coconut oil to it.  It tastes like I am drinking a Mounds candy bar!   

3. How do you feel about blue jeans? Favorite thing in the world to wear or nope, don't own a single pair? How often do you wear blue jeans in a typical week? Do you own a blue jean jacket?
I don't mind blue jeans.  I don't think they are the most comfortable things but I will wear them. I own two pairs but only wear one.  They are the most comfy. I only wear jeans when I go out.  I refuse to wear them at home.  I change into shorts at home and that is comfy.  I do not own a jean jacket.

4. Are you superstitious? If so, in what way?
Nope, not superstitious at all.

5. If you had to come up with a costume using only things you have on hand right now, what could you come up with?
The only thing I can think of is a striped ghost using our bed sheets!  LOL 

6. What scares you a little? What do you do when you feel scared?
Getting lost. I do not like it when I go somewhere and can't find the location I want/need to be at.  When that happens I need to relax and take a deep breath!

7. Perhaps today will be the day I ______________________________.
get the honey finished.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Honey....from question 7.  We harvested the honey from our hives. I like to filter the honey to get the wax out and get it put in jars.  I am hoping to get this job finished soon!


  1. How wonderful that you're beekeepers! Brings back memories of childhood neighbors who kept bees. Loved chewing on that honeycomb!

  2. I bet the honey your harvested is beyond tasty! I'm with you on wearing shorts around the house. That's me in the the colder months, I wear lounge pants.

  3. How very sad that you don't like strawberries dipped in chocolate. They're some of the best things in life. :)

    Curious now ....... what do you do with the beeswax?

    1. We saved the wax this time and plan on learning how to render it to make either candles or Madi may use it to make lip balm... Not quite sure what the plan is yet! 😊

  4. I am a huge fan of all things coconut, so will try adding some to my cocoa. I like to make from scratch too. Good luck with your honey...that sounds interesting.

  5. I too make my cocoa from scratch and next time I do, I am going to take the "risk" and give it a try with the coconut oil. I do love a good Mounds candy bar, just wish they would add an almond to it. I don't care for almond joys since they are not dark chocolate.


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