Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces

I feel like writing something today but I just don't know what, ever have a day like that?

::We are experiencing some beautiful weather today.  It is very windy and the electric has flashed on and off several times but the sun is shining and making the world a happy place.

::I am married to the best guy in the world! (Not saying that your hubby isn't great to you but...ya know?) Jeremiah would turn the world upside down for us if we needed him too. He goes above and beyond to provide for us. 

::Last weekend Jeremiah put some new windows in our living room.  They are so much nicer than the old single pane windows that were there.  We have several more windows downstairs to replace but we will get to those when he has time.

::Our wood pile is getting bigger and bigger.  Jeremiah and Ryder have been cutting and splitting wood each weekend for several weeks. Madilynne and I go and help to load it and haul it home.  It isn't enjoyable work to me but we are working together as a family and that counts! The boys seem to really enjoy it though. Maybe it has something to do with using a powersaw (chainsaw) and the wood splitter!  :-)

::I have been home this week and had time to de-clutter a bunch of areas of our home.  It has been awhile since I have had time to tackle these areas but they are cleaned up now. I have more areas to tackle but I am happy with the results right now.

::I am happy that I have a washing machine.  I have been doing a load or two every day to get the laundry caught up.  I have finally scaled Mt. Laundry and it feels really good to see empty laundry baskets at least until tomorrow!

::Madilynne has been cooking and baking. She found several recipes online and makes them.  Some are good, some not so good! We have several desserts available and many leftovers! I like the break from cooking. 

::With Madilynne cooking so much, I am happy to have a dishwasher! It has saved so much time with the clean up! Yay!  I am not a fan of washing dishes.

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