Monday, December 14, 2015

December Rush!

December is such a busy month.  I think it ranks as number one for activities that happen.  I love the busyness of December. Sometimes it can feel too rushed but overall, I am totally loving December.  We are happily making gifts and writing cards.  The best part is we are not doing much shopping unless it is for food or online!

Friday we had our homeschool variety show. The kids played guitar, sang and performed with our black light squad.  It was so much fun. We are already coming up with ideas for our next production. The kids will be doing their show again for the church senior meal this week. 

I looked at the calendar for this month and we only have five days that we don't have something scheduled.*  We have helped family, visited with friends who came to our home, celebrated/will be celebrating friends and family birthdays, etc. Jeremiah's sister and her husband will be moving back to our area this weekend so we will be available to help them with that process too, if needed.

I even have my Christmas Eve menu planned.  Now, those who know me, know that I don't usually plan the meal until right before I need to go shopping for the food!  Normally my menu does not contain traditional foods like turkey or ham.  As a kid we had ham pot pie frequently for Christmas Eve. I tend to choose chicken, meatloaf or lasagna.  We have many meals to eat over Christmas so I tend to change up my menu for some variety. 

This year we will be having a chicken casserole, lasagna, salad, applesauce, red beets, rolls and my uncle decided that he is in the mood for ham so he is going to bring a small one.  It will be the first year for ham. Family will bring deserts and drinks.  I have some ideas for appetizers to hold us over until the meal but not certain which ones I want to make.  We will host about 25-ish friends and family this year.  Our smaller home will fill up fast and it will be great!  Mildly chaotic but still wonderful! 

I will be ready for the peace and calm of January when it arrives but until then we will be busy and celebrating each day God gives us.  My hope is that Madilynne and Ryder learn to help and serve others instead of focusing on material things or themselves. (not that I think they are selfish kids)  Gifts are certainly nice and I am not discrediting those but how we spend our time is also important. 

*Also just putting it out here... I do say no to things/activities that we don't want to do or would make life too hectic.  Our calendar isn't packed so full that we are getting burned out.  We are doing what makes us happy.  I hope that you can find your own peace and joy in this season. 

Jesus is the reason we celebrate!

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