Monday, December 21, 2015

Bits and Pieces

I like doing bits and pieces of random thoughts from our life. This is one of the easiest ways for me to blog!

::We host Christmas Eve at our home for 20+ family and friends.  My dad's side of the family always gathered on Christmas Eve here on the farm. After the work load got to be too much for my grandma my Aunt and Uncle hosted.  One year they both had to work on Christmas Eve and asked me if I could host it.  We had already moved back here to the farm so it was easy to do. We have been hosting it ever since.  It is so much fun!

::Our Christmas shopping is done for the most part.  Jeremiah and I have a couple small items that we would still like to get for the kids but overall everything is done.  We made all of our exchange gifts this year. This has been a tradition for several years.  I think that it is harder for some of the extended family members who aren't necessarily crafty to come up with ideas.  I think it may change to make your gifts or purchase local, handmade gifts.

::Speaking of those gifts, they are also all wrapped.  Jeremiah and I have a custom of waiting to wrap all the gifts on Christmas Eve after everyone has gone home and the kids have gone to bed. We usually start around midnight after we have the kitchen cleaned up. We will have a couple items to wrap but not many.  We can't break the tradition!

::Today and tomorrow we will be doing most of our holiday cleaning. I would like keep Wednesday open to finish any last minute cleaning and to do food prep.  If I can get work done prior to Christmas Eve it makes the day less hectic and more enjoyable. 

::Ryder has been fighting off a sore throat and Madilynne has a runny nose/sinus crud thing going on. It isn't bad/severe but enough to keep them sidelined a little.  Hopefully after another good night of sleep they will be much better. 

::The school books have been put away for Christmas break. We will get back to school in January 2016!

::We will be going to our local nursing home to help the residents celebrate Christmas. The kids, along with another family, will be singing songs and playing instrumentals for the folks there.  We go visit them every month and the kids sing, do crafts or play games with them.  I think they bless us more than we bless them! 


  1. Hope everyone feels better!
    God Bless

    1. Thank you Regine. A good nights rest was a good call. Both kids are feeling much better today!


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