Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Here I am again with more random thoughts:

::I has my nails professionally manicured two weeks ago.  It was a gift for my birthday many moons ago.  I am impressed and can totally see why ladies go and have them done regularly!

::The kids and I have been helping my mother-in-law clean out her mom's house. Grandma L. passed away this summer and the time has come to clean out her things.  This job has been a lot of work. She kept so-much-stuff!!  We have to go through everything.  I made a decision that I wasn't going to keep so much stuff.  I have been trying to pitch or donate stuff since this summer but I am even more convinced to remove unnecessary items from our house now. 

::Madilynne and I have been testing out some new recipes for Christmas jar gifts.  I love, love, love Mason jars and would like to make them for our handmade Christmas gifts.  So far the recipes we have made are so-so.  I haven't found anything that is jumping out at me saying this is awesome; give me away!  LOL  Any suggestions?  :-)

::Jeremiah and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary recently.  I am very blessed.  We started dating when we were 16 years old! Amazing really!

::I really enjoy Christmas lights and Christmas music!  I forgot how much joy these bring to me.  We recently put up our lights outside.  It was time consuming but worth it.  Jeremiah found a radio station that was playing only Christmas music.  We had the music blasting from the garage while we decorated! 

::Our homeschool group classes have ended for the year. We will meet again until February.  The break is nice but we are always eager to start classes again.  Some of our best friends have come from meeting them through our homeschool support group.   

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