Monday, April 11, 2016


   Madilynne has been debating getting more chicks.  We have been having discussions about purchasing them lately.  I am so torn.  I want the chicks because they turn into chickens that lay eggs but they are work and they do have an expense.  Madilynne will be the one taking care of them for the most part and Ryder will help when needed but it is still work.

   We have three hens at the moment but they are getting older.  Henny Penny is the oldest and I think her egg laying days are almost done.  We will keep her though because she is more of a pet than anything else.  ;-)  The other two hens are each laying an egg a day.

   IF we decide to get more chicks we have to keep the numbers low. I am thinking no more than 4-5 but we haven't made a decision on that yet.  I guess we will have to see how cute they are when we go to get them!  I will update with some pictures if we decide to get more chicks!

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