Friday, April 15, 2016

Bits and Pieces- Madilynne

   Madilynne is having a birthday soon.  Several of her aunts and her grandma has been asking what to get her for her special day.  I wrote up a short email and sent it to them.  Madilynne saw the email and said it would be a fun blog post!  Here it is and I didn't even change the mistakes!

Ok, Madilynne is hard to buy for! Really hard! K already asked about gifts and I had no idea what to tell her. After pondering it some more since WE have to get something for her I have some thoughts. These are not actual gift suggestions but something to look for if you so desire. I mentioned gift card or money to K and that is still a strong suggestion but some things she likes are:

 Anything Vintage/vintage looking

Anything chicken related- she loves her chicks. I found a pair of rubber boots with chickens on them and she went crazy over them.

Anything recycled, environmentally friendly... She found a rug made of recycled material and just had to have it!

Anything vegetarian themed. She is loving finding pro vegetarian stuff!

If it's different, she will most likely love it

Amazon! She finds a lot on Amazon so gift cards to there is good!

Anything music themed

Cats! She still loves her kitties!

Again, don't worry if you can't find anything like this- it's hard. Go with money or gift cards. I just thought that since some of you like to shop, you may want to know some likes. She truly likes the odd stuff. If you see it and think "why would anyone want?" it's a Madilynne gift! LOL

And just to be clear- in our family it is perfectly ok to ask for money or gift cards.  No one will take offense at that suggestion. 

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