Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rainy Skies~Sunny Skies and the Farm

   Today is one of those days were the skies are busy.  I love to watch the clouds move across the wide expanse of sky. It has transitioned several times from rainy to sunny- very unsettled weather today.  The sky is a brilliant blue when the clouds go away.  I love to look at the sky when those gray clouds move out.  Spring brings these kinds of days frequently.  I took these pictures from my driveway this morning.  I just turned and snapped a picture. 

   On Sunday evening, Jeremiah and I were going to pick the kids up from a church activity and the sky was phenomenal!  We live on a mountain and as we were heading down the hill we could see a huge amount of the sky.  The colors were vibrant.  Yellows, blues, purples and pinks filled the sky.  We were able to see a storm front coming in and the sunset where the storm had yet to arrive.

   All this rain has been great for our yard and the fields.  We are anticipating the return of the cows from a local farmer.  He keeps them here on pasture for summer while they are growing up and getting old enough to milk. It is peaceful to watch them grazing across the fields.  We use an intensive grazing system.  They are moved through the fields instead of just turning them loose to roam the entire paddock.  This year we also plan on having some chickens follow to help with bug and fly control. Here are two photos of the cows we had last year.  I may have posted them before...

   Speaking of chickens...our little ones are growing healthy and strong.  They are getting bigger and feathering out.  They are adorable!  They are also messy!  Madilynne just cleaned their temporary home yesterday morning!  I will be so happy when they are old enough to be able to be outside in the movable kennel.

   This fellow has still been coming around the house.  His colorings are beautiful.  He has been staying off the porch though and that is a good thing.

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