Sunday, May 29, 2016

Liebster Award

Mrs. Pepper has a delightful blog that I enjoy reading.  She has been nominated for the Liebster Award and in turn has nominated this blog for the award. I am not able to completely follow all the rules for the nomination (the part about nominating 5-11 other blogs for the award) so I figured it may be fun to change this up a bit and kinda, sorta do my own thing with it!  Sounds a bit fun, right?

The award has me answering several questions that Mrs. Pepper asked. 

1. If you could have chosen your own name, would it be the same one you have?  Probably not but I don't really want to change it. Many people misspell it and of course you can't go to a local store and find my name on anything! Ever!  ;-) 

 2. What is your favorite song? This is an interesting question.  Madilynne and I were just talking about this yesterday.  I do not have a "favorite" song but I have songs that I enjoy listening to.  It depends on my mood that day.  I don't think many music genres are out except for heavy metal- not a fan of that type of music (if you can call that music!)

 3. Can you play any musical instruments? What? Yes, I can play the clarinet. I played in high school.  I gave my clarinet to my cousin and haven't played since.  No, I don't miss playing it.....

 4. Do you have a favorite go to recipe for busy days?  On busy days I use my crockpot.  I stick some meat in there with some veggies and seasonings and head out the door. 

 5. Would you hang windchimes on your porch? Would I? Yes. Do I? No.  At one time I had a small set hanging.  The set that I currently have was given to me when my aunt passed away several years ago. I do not want them to be ruined so they hang in the corner of our playroom by a siding glass door.  When the wind is strong it will ring them.  Each chime has a verse of "Amazing Grace" on it. 

 6. What is your favorite flower?  Lilacs!!

 7. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?  Relaxing at home with the family!

 8. Have you ever watched The Hobbit? No and I never want too!

 9. Do you go to see movies or wait until they're on TV? It is rare that we go to the movies.  If it is something that we really want to see, we buy the movie or get it from the library. 

 10. Do you enjoy sports? Ok, this is a hard question.  I don't like to play sports and only like to watch some sports live.  We have been going to Madilynne's best friends track meets and they aren't bad. But, if I wasn't watching her...I wouldn't like it at all!  Not a fan of basketball (even though I played it in high school) because I can't handle the shoes squeaking on the court!

 11. What's your favorite outdoor activity? This may sound cheesy but my favorite outdoor activity is drinking tea with Jeremiah in the early mornings during the summer months.  I love to catch up with him, without interruptions, and listen to the birds sing! 

Now I need to tell you 11 random facts about me.....

1.  My favorite fruits to eat are strawberries and apples.
2.  My favorite veggies are carrots and cauliflower.
3.  I like cucumber sandwiches with butter, a slight sprinkle of salt and will add some onion to it if available.  I don't eat them often.
4. I like BLT sandwiches without the "T"!  Hold the tomato for me please! 
5. I enjoy listening to the birds outside our windows!
6. I don't like listening to people eat when I am not eating.  If I am eating, it doesn't bother me. 
7. I can easily pass up ice cream. I will take the kids for ice cream and not be tempted to get any for myself. 
8. Ice water is my favorite drink and my second is tea.  Iced or hot!
9. I don't care much for breakfast foods.  I would rather eat leftovers for breakfast.  The fact that people choose to eat breakfast for dinner amazes me. I only choose something like that if I am sick or there is no other option to eat.
10. I enjoy reading our local newspaper daily- and not online- only the print format.
11. My favorite color is green but I own very few clothes that are green and nothing in our house is green except for the plants.

Now here are 11 questions that you (everyone) can answer either in the comments section or answer on your blog and put a link in the comments section!  Have fun!

1.  Do you prefer to ride in a vehicle with the windows open or the air conditioning on?
2.  Do you prefer to swim in a lake or a pool?
3.  Favorite food to eat when you are hot?
4.  Your favorite candy bar?
5.  Cats or dogs?
6.  Do you prefer board games (like Monopoly/Scrabble) or card games(like Phase 10/Uno)?
7.  At home are you barefoot or wearing shoes?
8.  You're going to make supper. Do you chose chicken or beef?
9.  Relaxing outside, do you prefer to sit in the sun or the shade?
10. If you were to go camping do you want a tent or a camper?
11. Country or city living?

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