Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Was I Thinking? 10 Chicks!


 We decided to get several chicks.  My thought was 4-5 chicks. I figured we didn't need anymore hens than that until we saw them!!  These chicks will grow up and lay eggs (usually around 18-20 weeks old) and I didn't think we needed more eggs than that per day but....the cute factor outweighed need!  LOL

   As all things go, we arrived at the feed store and looked at those cute, adorable little peeps and Madilynne fell in chicky love!  She picked out 6, Ryder (who didn't want any) picked out 2 and I got 2 for Pappy B.  They are so sweet! 

        The totals are:
        4 Buff Orpingtons
         2 Barred Rock
         2 Cuckoo Marans
         1 Red Sex Link
         1 Rhode Island Red

  These little chicks are adored already.  Watching the chicks grow is fun and they really are cute. We are enjoying our little additions!

This chick is Madilynne's favorite.  Her name is Egythba.  Don't ask for a pronunciation because I can't say it!  LOL  She will be known as "G"! 

She will fall asleep in your hands. 

Here G is almost asleep!

Now this picture was on the "I'm not sure I should post this but...." list.  I decided to post it anyhow.  If you look closely behind her little leg.... she left a gift on the car hood! 

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