Monday, June 20, 2016

More Q & A

   Meredith at The Journey Starts With Imagination has nominated my little blog for the Liebster Award.  Since I have already done this before I decided that if I answered the questions she asked you could get to know me a bit more.  Well, and let me be honest, it was a really easy post idea.  However, I personally think that some of these questions are a bit hard.... I had to really think!  LOL

1. What is one of your favorite novels? I don't have a favorite novel. I enjoy reading but not a particular novel. 

2. What is your favorite recreational activity?  As much as it pains me to type this (wink), I have to say it is taking the boat to the lake with the family.  It really is relaxing to read and talk with out distractions.  We pack a small lunch or snacks and drinks and enjoy our time together.

3. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why? Alright, this is hard to decide between... I will preface that I do NOT wish to travel outside the US only because I don't like to travel much... I will fly short distances but not a fan of it in general and would rather drive there- sooooo.....  I really want to go to the Creation Museum and I would like to go to the Charleston Tea Plantation.  We do plan on visiting the museum at some point this year.  As for the Tea Plantation, well, that would just be me and I don't think that will be in my future anytime soon.  :-) 

4. What is your favorite breakfast food?  I am not a fan of breakfast.  I don't care much for any breakfast food but since I need an answer I will go with waffles with real butter and real maple syrup- nothing imitation.

5. What is the last song you listened too?  It would have to have been a song from church yesterday.  I couldn't tell you which one though.... I have the radio on all the time but I haven't paid attention to what was playing recently.

6. If you could pick one person that you would say, 'really gets you' who would it be? To be perfectly honest, I don't think any one person "gets me". The closest person would be Jeremiah.... 

7. What is the scariest thing you have ever done?  Scariest thing- would have to be bringing Madilynne home from the hospital as a newborn.  We had a good idea of what we were getting into but it was scary none-the-less.

8. If you could go back and do one thing differently in life what would it be?  IF I could do something differently it would have been to have more kids. Not a dozen or so but maybe two more....  ;-)

9. What is your favorite sandwich?  I am going to go with a BLT minus the T.  Lots of Bacon, Lettuce and Mayo!   

10. Tell about one time in your life when you have been really excited about something and when it finally happened were slightly disappointed.  This is going to sound ungrateful but I am going to tell it anyway. 

It was Christmas many, many years ago. 
Jeremiah was hyping up this wonderful gift he got me. 
I was going to love it! 
 I needed it!
I wanted it!
 It would be so happy with this gift!
Christmas morning dawned. 
I excitedly opened this "wonderful" gift.
It was a hot pink cell phone.
I didn't want a cell phone
and I certainly didn't want one that was hot pink!
You have to remember that years ago, (young readers) not everyone had cell phones.  :-)
He gave me a gift that came with a monthly bill!
We took that cell phone back and I got a silver instead.
All was well...

11. What is your favorite holiday memory?  Jeremiah proposed on Christmas Day 1994!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Terri! Some of those questions made me think! LOL I am glad you stopped by today!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions! :) You had great answers for all of them and I enjoyed reading them.

    1. Thank you Meredith! I am glad you enjoyed the answers. You had some great questions that made me think a bit. :-)

  3. Very nice blog! I think the scariest thing for me was the same. Bring my son home from the hospital! Oh and when we started to Homeschool. Our son is now in public high school but loved all those years at home!

  4. We started to homeschool when Madilynne was 3 years old. She loved it and since we had several years to make it official, it didn't seem so scary. 😊 I was nervous about HS'ing though. I am quite relaxed about it now and these upper level years aren't quite as bad as I thought they would be.


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