Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Late Garden 2016

   We are several weeks late with our garden this year.  I am really not a good gardener- Jeremiah is so much better!  I do not find it relaxing to dig in the dirt and pull weeds.  It is a very dreaded chore for me and I was happy to not do it for the last couple years.  I had been going to a local produce stand that is less than 2 miles from our home.  I was happy to let them do the gardening part and with a smile on my face I would hand over cash to bring home the produce to can, freeze and process. 

Ryder's section of corn

  Well those were the days. Last week Ryder decided that he wanted to garden this year.  He wants corn and lots of it! It is a mite late to plant corn but we will see what happens. He went to work and started on tilling the garden.  That's all it took for the gardening gene in Jeremiah to explode so on Monday...a small corn patch has turned into a full garden. 

   We put in tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, red beets, carrots, radishes, watermelon, cantaloupe, spaghetti squash, zucchini and cucumbers along with Ryder's corn. 

   Jeremiah made a kind of raised bed this year.  He can run the tiller through the rows easier to keep weeds at bay. 

   I planted a marigold at the end of each row.  I thought it would make the garden look happier and deter small animals from coming into the garden with their smell.  We will see how that works but it does give the garden color at the moment.

   This photo shows the corn section in front of the garden.  They are close so it makes watering easier.  The last time this section was planted it was full of tomato plants, 50 I think! It was several years ago.  Ryder had his hands full getting the soil ready to plant.

  In the previous picture you can see one of our kitties "Meow" in-between the two gardens.  I took a picture of her since she was accompanying me while I took the photos of the garden.  She is 14 years old and a very affectionate kitty.  She will follow you around the yard and loves to be petted.  She is a loyal pet and a good mouser which is a good thing on a farm.


  1. Meow is a special girl, then, and an important member of the family! The garden looks HUGE!! I love fresh produce, but it is much too hard to garden in Florida. Too many bugs and critters. I just go to the farmer's markets. With fresh produce pretty much year-round, I don't feel compelled to can or freeze food for winter meals. Not necessary here. I sure do remember helping my mom (in Ohio), though, with my dad's very large garden each year. Happy for the memories!

    1. I think that it would be hard to garden in FL also. Jeremiah's uncle and aunt had a hard time gardening in FL- way different soil there. :-) I like to visit the Farmer's Markets also.

  2. I hope your garden does well for you! Just the thought of all that homegrown sweetcorn is making my mouth water. Yum!


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