Thursday, June 2, 2016


   I thought that I would answer my own questions from the Liebster Award post.  I was going to do this earlier but life interrupted. :-)  Here is another small glimpse into my world.

1.  Do you prefer to ride in a vehicle with the windows open or the air conditioning on?  Definitely use the air conditioning!  I do not enjoy the wind whipping in the windows and messing up my hair....shallow, I know!

2.  Do you prefer to swim in a lake or a pool?  I enjoy the pool.  I am not a fan of swimming in lakes. My in-laws purchased a pool when Madilynne was 2 and Ryder several months old. 
3.  Favorite food to eat when you are hot?  I don't have a favorite food to eat when I am hot.  I prefer sandwiches and chips over making a meal though.  I will not pass up some good sweet tea either! 

4.  Your favorite candy bar?  I am a plain chocolate eater.  I prefer a Hershey bar.  When I was younger I loved to eat Zero bars. 

5.  Cats or dogs? Cats all the way!  I am not crazy about dogs.  If I would have to choose a dog it would be a poodle but even that is pushing it.

6.  Do you prefer board games (like Monopoly/Scrabble) or card games(like Phase 10/Uno)?  I am not a board game fan but I enjoy playing Battleship with Ryder and Madilynne.  I enjoy card games like Skip-Bo and Uno.  Jeremiah loves to play games. 

7.  At home are you barefoot or wearing shoes?  Barefoot!  I don't care much for wearing shoes.  I kick my shoes off as soon as possible.

8.  You're going to make supper. Do you chose chicken or beef?  I would choose chicken. Here is a quick recipe:  I like to take a 13 X 9 pan and arrange chicken breasts on it, place uncooked bacon strips on the chicken and bake them for 30 minutes.  Add BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese and bake and additional 15 minutes. Easy dish to make.  I will pair it with mashed cauliflower or mashed potatoes.

9.  Relaxing outside, do you prefer to sit in the sun or the shade?  Shade!

10. If you were to go camping do you want a tent or a camper?  Camper.  I have done both styles of camping and hands down would go with a camper! 

11. Country or city living?  Country living!  I am NOT a fan of the city.  I don't enjoy it even to visit a city.  I would not want to even live in a small town.  At one time we lived in a small village where the neighbors were close.  I prefer my country life so much more!  

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  1. I had forgotten about the Battleship game. I need to order that for the grandkids.


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